Monthly Archives: July 2011

91L almost a depression

Tropical Weather this morning. Invest 91L is looking to be very close to an upgrade to TD 5 with winds of 35 mph estimated. Pressure of 1007 mb heading a little north of due west. Recon planes will be out in 91L in the next few hours to find out exactly the strength/health/direction and the upper level conditions facing 91L. I’ve plotted the spaghetti plots from the last run, and they show that the lesser Antilles will get no less than a weak storm before 91L heads likely towards the eastern Bahamas. Also, I’ve got my eyes on a system in the eastern Atlantic just coming off Africa, which will likely be our next system to watch.

I will update again as recon reaches 91L or when advisories are initiated (likely at 11am or 2pm).  While my internet was out, I was able to play around with a few new google earth tropical features from tropical atlantic. Let me know what you think of the graphic above. I have plenty of other graphics I can use.  Have a good day!

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