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New Invest near NC

Breaking news at this time!  The National Hurricane Center is now officially watching a ‘blob’ of low pressure that has persistently blown up new thunderstorms.  The term for this is called an ‘invest’, and it has been given number 93L. Models will be run on 93L over night, but this will be moving quickly toward North and Central Florida. Probably just some rain. Not much to worry about.

Of special note is the timing of this declaration. The Atlantic Hurricane Season began just 51 minutes ago in universal standard time (aka Zulu or UTC). This has absolutely no bearing on the rest of the season.

As for a quick update into the Caribbean disturbance:  Even will all of the shear over this system it has continued to blow up thunderstorms across the southern Caribbean all day.  Slow development of this system is expected.

I will do a more in-depth investigation into these systems later tonight when the first models are run on 93L.

Note: I have added my personal note mentioned previously as a new tab labeled ‘My Mission’ above.

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