TS Don is here!

After a late start, Recon did find enough information to upgrade 90L straight to Tropical Storm Don. The fourth named storm is nearly a month ahead of schedule, and will round out July with 3 named storms.

Don has winds of 40 mph and a pressure of 1001 mb. Don is a relatively small storm with a radius of TS force winds only reaching out 40 miles on the east side of the storm, which may allow for quick intensification.  TS Don is located near 22.2N and 87.0W, although I have my suspicions that this is slightly off.  The discussion did note that the center is elongated, but recon found a separate center with a lower pressure than is noted in the advisory.  Don is moving WNW at 12 mph away from the Yucatan and the Caribbean into the Gulf of Mexico.

The satellite appearance is looking better with each frame as it comes it.  A couple of new bursts of thunderstorms have appeared since the recon plane made its way into the center for the first pass.

According to the NHC, Don is heading toward the central Texas coast, which I completely agree with.  They have a maximum intensity of 65 mph, which might be a bit low. 

I may send out another update later when watches for Texas are issued, probably after the 11pm advisory is issued. For now here is the NHC forecast graphic.  It is time sensitive:


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