Weekend Forecast: North Florida

Rain chances will dwindle down across the big bend later today as the old stagnant frontal boundary draped across the area dissipates. Patchy fog may be in issue tomorrow morning because of all of the left over moisture that continues to trickle into the area from the Gulf. Chances are higher closer to the coast and the moisture source and lower inland. I went with middle ground in terms of rain chances tomorrow on the models, but I leaned toward the wetter GFS. Saturday should be clear, but I cannot rule out a shower closer to the coast. On Sunday, a mainly dry cold front will sweep through the northern half of Florida bringing drier and slightly cooler air. That is not reflected in the forecast since most of the effects will be Monday morning into Columbus Day. The maximum temperature on Sunday will be kept down a degree or two from Saturday due to an increase in cloud cover, but should the front come in later or with less cloud cover the high temperature may have to be revised upward.

Again the product below is experimental…any suggestions are welcome!


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