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ARRR Ye Ready for Gasparilla?!

Breaking News: Ye Mystic Crewe of Gasparilla is ready to invade Tampa, and have set their sights on the Bay for 11:30 tomorrow morning! Unfortunately for Mayor Buckhorn, the seas look smooth and temperatures look great for kidnapping. Crossbones will fly tomorrow morning bright and early as hundreds of pirates and onlookers will crowd into the Bay. Festivities begin at 10am and will likely go well past sundown on Bayshore Boulevard. Cannons will fire at about 2pm as the pirates take downtown Tampa with over one hundred ships, floats, krewes, and the YMKG pirates. The parade is expected to last until 5:30, and car traffic will be a mess all weekend long. In past experience, it is almost advised that you take your own ship rather than peg leg your way to the parade route. All events are on Saturday with just a few minor events around down on Sunday. Make sure you take plenty of doubloons because many vendors do not take credit cards!

As always, here is ye forecast for Gasparilla:

012513 Gapsarilla

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