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Spring Break Forecast

Good Evening Everyone!

This week I am on spring break at home in St. Petersburg, so I thought it was only fitting to write a more fun forecast fitting the occasion. The weather supports that notion with absolutely fantastic conditions for the next 6 days. The cold front that is pushing through the big bend right now with moderate showers and possibly a few storms will push through all of Florida by Wednesday morning. I think that this broken line will hold together until it hits Alligator Alley. I think that just about everyone will get a tenth of an inch of rain with some spots in northern Florida getting up to half an inch east of the Suwanee. A few spots this afternoon received 1-2″ of rain before the afternoon heating left the surface.

After this front passes, there will be a brief cooler period for the northern half of the state that will only last a day or two. The biggest noticeable change is an increase in the winds  to 20 mph with gusts to 30 mph in the northwestern part of the state. There will also be a short-lived drop in temperatures and humidity. A few places north of Interstate 10 could be flirting with freezing with the coolest spots lingering in the lower 30s.

The only afternoon that will not be host to a good beach day is tomorrow afternoon. It may be a bit cool for a dip in the water through Wednesday, however trips to the beach and golf course are recommended if you are lucky enough to have the week off. 70s and 80s will be returning to most of Florida by the end of the week.

Water temperatures currently range in the low 60s along the west coast of Florida and in north Florida to the low 70s on South Beach and through much of the south Florida beaches.

Here is my 5-Day forecast for Tallahassee:

031113 5-Day


Soon enough, we’ll be able to remove the snow flakes and the freezing line from the Belles Report, and we can transition into full fling spring!

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