Spring-like weather for Florida heading into the weekend

Good Morning Weather Nuts!

I’m waking up this morning without a cloud in the sky and the birds are a chirping outside. Must mean it’s going to be a great day outside…right? Of course, it is the Sunshine State. BUT I have a rain drop or two that might bust your bubble coming up in the forecast. I’ve put together a two-part forecast for everyone in Florida divided by geography and weather patterns for the next couple of days after my following personal message.

I finally turned WP on this morning after being overloaded with work from school and life this past few months and was delighted to see a message asking where I had gone. All in all, it comes down to the point that I am just point-blank too busy. “The workload is too damn much” somebody once said…or I might have changed up the words, but anywho, that’s what happened. I am college super senior carrying 17 credit hours, president of two organizations, and a student meteorologist on a 30-minute weather show, and I am now returning to blog and hopefully entertain you all and keep you informed over the weeks and months ahead.

Now for that forecast I promised you….

The forecast for Florida is all about the winds of change for the second part of the week. Depending on your location in north Florida or Central and South Florida, you may like the change or not so much. Either way it involves rain. I’ve got the forecast for both:

North Florida: A cold front is taking shape out west, which means there is a chance for some severe weather across Texas tomorrow, but none of that will make it to Florida. In fact, high pressure will retain its grip on Florida through the weekend. In a battle of low pressure (the cold front) and high pressure, the cold front will begin to decay as it moves into Florida. It will still have enough punch to bring rain chances of 30-40% when it arrives in the Panhandle by Friday night and Saturday. Ahead of the front, winds will swing around to the south, and temperatures will go up into the low 80s. Fog is in your forecast for the overnight hours tonight ahead of the cold front taking shape out west.

Central and South Florida: The easterly winds that have caused breezy conditions this week will turn to the southeast. For those of you that have been here for a few years know that when this happens, rain is sure to occur. The rain chances are highest on Friday on the west coast, and on Today on the east coast. Along with these southeasterly winds the temperatures will go up, for some places to near 90. Along both coasts temps will range from 82-85 and inland temps will range from 84-87 degrees with a few isolates spots near 90 degrees. An early summer time sea breeze will set up today bringing rain chances to the east coast and to the interior by mid to late afternoon. The bigger day is on Friday, when more moisture and more heat will allow for more storms. Miami and Cape Canaveral will get in on the rain on Friday by 1pm and Naples and Tampa will get the rain during the evening hours. It will by no means be a washout, or a classical summer time thunderstorm that crashes and bangs like kids with their first wooden spoon on Tupperware, but isolated to scattered thunderstorms are possible.


This season seems like it is gonna be a big one for the southern plains and the eastern river valleys as we have already had one major tornado outbreak to our north, so hang on to your hats we’re goin’ in! Glad to see you’re back, talk to you soon!

~Taking life by Storm~


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