Split State — Dry or Warm

Good Morning everyone!

The frontal boundary I mentioned on Thursday is now draped across the central part of the state with warmer air to the south and cooler and slightly drier air to the north. Rain chances today will be confined around the front and to the south. Some of you from Lakeland down to Lake Okeechobee saw some pretty impressive storms on Friday afternoon, and Saturday will be similar. Generally the wet/dry line will be from I-4 south this afternoon with the most impressive showers across interior south central FL. Rain chances along the I-4 corridor should run between 20 and 30% with chances around 40% near Okeechobee. I expect low topped showers to form with only a few thunderstorms across south Florida.

Temperatures should run between 1-4 degrees cooler than Friday from I-4 northward to the Big Bend. The panhandle of Florida will be as much as 10 degrees cooler, and drier than yesterday where dew points are already in the 30s and 40s. The dew point is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air at the surface, and the lower the number the drier the air. In contrast, dew points will remain a sticky 65-70 degrees in south Florida. During the morning hours, the moisture being supplied by the front will be enough to allow for some fog to form in fog prone areas. Drier conditions will slowly move south into an area from Bradenton to Vero Beach during the afternoon making it a little more comfortable to be outside.  North of the front, winds will shift to the northeast allowing cooler air to move in from the north throughout the day and into the overnight hours. Winds could become breeze in Jacksonville and Tallahassee as cooler air moves in (50’s for lows compared to 60’s)

I do not expect much further southward drift of the front on Sunday as it should peter out. Some moisture will be left for South Florida, but shower activity will be more limited than on Saturday. High pressure will build back into the southern two-thirds of the state by late on Sunday bringing rain chances to the Panhandle by the evening hours.

Enjoy the cooler air up north because it will not be sticking around for long.

Have a great day!

~Taking life by Storm~


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  1. Hey Jonathan! It’s good to read your stuff! I was kind of hoping the west coast would get some showers but looks like it will all be inland and south…Pretty neat to watch some seabreeze stuff so early in the year. Last Sunday’s wind event was one of the most impressive I’ve seen outside of any tropical cyclones. I believe an area near MacDill recorded gusts to 53 mph with the thin line of showers that came through around 430 am that morning. The windows shook a bit as that line came through.


  2. Yea, it looks like the west coast will be safe from any storms for the next couple of days. Most of the storms will be on the east side of the peninsula from Brevard southward. I had no really high winds here at my house, but I did see some damage around town.


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