Spring showers and pollen forecast

Good morning Florida!!

Although pollen has been the main headache, eye ache, ear ache….and well noggin ache across north Florida during the last day or so, our attention will turn to a bit of enhanced moisture coming in from the northwest on Tuesday that will affect the Panhandle of Florida. This area of general cloudiness as seen on the map above is moisture being dragged in from the Gulf of Mexico ahead of the cold front well to the north over the Great Lakes with the greens representing a rather moist airmass east of the Rockies and a dry airmass for the western half of the country. . Some light showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two can be expected along the I-10 corridor west of Lake City, and some patchy fog may form across NE Florida  and Tampa Bay tonight and tomorrow as winds continue to come in from the east and southeast. Rain chances for Tuesday range from 20% east of Tallahassee to near 40% west of DeFuniak Springs.

High pressure will hold on to its grip in south and central Florida on Tuesday and gain control across north Florida on Wednesday. A few spotty showers are possible on Wednesday in south Florida with highs into the mid to upper 80s in away from the beaches. Elsewhere, temperatures will be in the low to mid 80s, although a bit cooler along the eastward facing beaches due to the east wind off of the still cool Atlantic. There will be a risk of rip currents on the east coast due to a persistent easterly winds, and the seas may be a bit choppy along the southeast FL intercoastals and nearshore beaches.

All in all, pretty tranquil weather for most this week. Enjoy it the Florida way..to the beaches and parks, but do not forget your allergy medications if you are allergic to pollen. I have also given you all a pollen outlook for the next day or so below centered on Ocala, FL. Conditions are more or less the same for most Floridians, however those in extreme south Florida have somewhat of a break. This pollen forecast is brought to you by Pollen.com:


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