Frosty Friday and a Workshop Worth Watching

Good morning!

The biggest cool push of the season is currently underway across the southeast. If you are along or north of I-10 or in one of the cooler spots of interior central Florida, you are likely flirting with freezing or frost this morning. Sunrise is just an hour away, and that is the start of the holiday weekend warmup. Tallahassee will make it back into the 70s today and most places south of here will be in the 70s and 80s for the weekend. Weekend low temps will also be on the rise. Temps this weekend will mainly be in the 40s and 50s across Florida except in the cooler spots, which will remain in the 30s tomorrow night. A few lucky coastal spots will only get down into the 60s by Sunday. Below is my forecast for downtown Tallahassee including FSU. Knock a few degrees off if you are outside of the Capitol Circle and away from the coast. If you are in downtown Tallahassee, add a degree or two to the low forecast each night.

Also, yesterday I was able to help host the first social media bootcamp held by the North Florida chapter of the American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association. Tiffany Sunday, social media extraordinaire, and Tim Brice from the NWS WFO in El Paso, TX joined me for an exciting discussion about all social media platforms and the lessons we learned from Hurricane Sandy. It is very much worth the watch if you are on any social media, and judging that you are reading this post right now, you need to watch this video!


If you see frost this morning, send it to me via twitter on @JonathanBelles and I’ll make sure people see it!


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