Don Update

Don has kept me busy over the last few hours.  We had two recon planes in and out of Don’s center with plenty of information.  I’ll talk about this in a couple of hours, but first here is how the NHC interpreted the data for the hurricane hunters:

  • Location: 24.7°N 92.5°W
  • Max sustained: 50 mph (up from 45)
  • Moving: WNW at 14 mph
  • Min pressure: 998 mb (recon found 996)
  • There has been a west wobble during the last few hours, but WNW to NW motion is expected to return.  The NHC has brought the entire forecast track southward due to this wobble.
  • Tropical Storm Warnings have been expanded south to the Rio Grande.
Below is a graphical summary of the recon from earlier today and a wind field from about 8:30pm Central:
I’ll update again by 2am.  Good night!

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