Plunging Back to Normal. How Cold will It Get this Weekend?

The leading edge of the cold front is finally making its way through the state with a weak line of showers. That line is knocking on the Governor’s door in Tallahassee and is creeping toward the east. Tomorrow afternoon a series of very interesting events will play out from Mississippi to South Carolina that may bring a few multi-inch snowfall totals to the deep south. According to the models, the jet stream will come far enough south tomorrow afternoon to enhance upper level divergence, which will take air away from the surface and cause an area of low pressure to form. A cold core-upper level low (essentially a source of cold air) will assist this surface low formation, and places from Jackson, MS to the northern Atlanta suburbs could see 1-2″ of snowfall by the end of Thursday.

Where does Florida come into this? Unfortunately, all we will get is a cool rain and some cold air from the north. When the low pressure systems forms it will supply enough energy to pull the entire frontal system eastward and out into the Atlantic at last.

Most of the Florida panhandle should be clear of any rainfall by the dinner rush, and the rest of the state should be clear by late Friday afternoon. Central and south Florida may have lingering clouds and possibly a few sprinkles through Saturday evening as the front pulls away.

Wind: Wind will be a good concern for the next 24 hours. It will not be a good beach or boating day. Seas of 9-11 feet will develop tomorrow into tomorrow night with winds of 20-25 knots. Onshore, winds will be blowing out of the west at 10-20 mph with gusts to 30 mph. You will probably want a rain jacket or a very sturdy umbrella during the morning hours. Temperatures will be falling from this point on. It is a good idea to bring a couple layers with you tomorrow morning because temperatures when you leave work or school will be considerably lower than when you arrived.

Rain: Rain in the panhandle should amount to no more than a half an inch. Rainfall totals from Dothan to Atlanta could get closer to an inch before those totals become snowfall totals of 1-2″

Cold Air: Temperatures will likely fall below freezing in the panhandle, interior big bend, and in interior central Florida. A better batch of cold air will be moving in next Tuesday and Wednesday, which may put some locations in north Florida into the mid-upper 20s!

Here is what the forecast looks like for Tallahassee:

011713 5-Day


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