Daily Archives: Monday, August 1st, 2011

Tropical Storm Emily has formed

Good evening!

Emily has developed a small and somewhat ragged center between Dominica and Martinique.  Winds are still somewhat removed, but the location of these winds has pulled in quite a bit since mid morning when were still recovering from cyclomitosis.  Recon has been out there much of the day trying to find a consolidated center, and they finally did so about two hours ago.  An advisory was initiated shortly after, and was published about 15 minutes ago. I will update with my own forecast later tonight, probably after midnight.  For now here is the 3-Day forecast.  I have only included the first three days because of the very low confidence in the forecast, but I do want to mention that the NHC does take Emily up to hurricane strength off the coast of South Florida on day 5.


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