Daily Archives: Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Hispaniola 1 Tropical Storm Emily 0

Even though Emily went over the thinnest part of Haiti, Hispaniola and all of its mountains were too much for Emily.  She has been declared as a tropical wave off the western tip of Haiti as of 5pm.  Emily is no longer a tropical cyclone.  All watches and warnings were dropped.  This is not to say we have seen the last of Emily.


Emily has always had a history of a weak surface reflection, in other words weaker winds at the surface.  I can still see a strong mid-level center near the southern tip of Hispaniola, and I think regeneration is a possibility here. Emily is still a rainmaker and could still drop up to a foot of rainfall in Hispaniola and the mountains of Cuba.  Tropical storm force winds are also possible in the mountains of both islands. Since ex-Emily still has Cuba ahead of it, I think that if any regeneration occurs it will be after Cuba and east of Florida.  I will not be doing any further forecasts until Emily regenerates, if it regenerates.


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