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Overnight Tropical Storm Alberto Update

Alberto seems to be at least holding his own as a minimal tropical storm this evening. According to Jacksonville local news network lightning detectors, even with their probable inaccuracies, are showing a few lightning strikes within a new convective band just to the northeast of the center. The center itself seems to have begun a turn to the east-southeast apparent on radar. This looks to be the beginning of the interaction between Alberto and the upper level trough moving in. The motion of Alberto may be erratic at times for the next 3-6 hours before moving off to the north and east. Satellite appearance remains very ragged, which radar seems to be minutely improving. Alberto is about to move over the warmer Gulf Stream, which cotemporally located with diurnal max, may allow for a short window for mild strengthening.

I continue to expect nearshore riptides and offshore waves greater than 4 feet with the passage of Alberto as it moves to the northeast over the next day or so. It might be a good day to fly a kite on the beach, but it’s not a good idea to get in the water. ¬†Showers should stay offshore with the possible exception being over Hatteras Island on Tuesday.

Skies should be relatively quiet along the coast as it has been in Jacksonville. Stacey Garvilla sent me a few more pictures that are below from coastal NE Florida. You can find more pictures by following Stacey at @Stacelyn012 on twitter.

Dark clouds and a faint rainbow to the right of the image. Photo taken in Jacksonville by Stacey Garvilla.

Clearing skies in Jacksonville near sunset. Photo taken by Stacey Garvilla near Jacksonville

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