Subtropical Storm Beryl Arrives

A few hours ago, the National Hurricane Center up’d its Tropical Weather Outlook to a 100% chance that Invest 94L would become Subtropical Storm Beryl…and it has! As of 11pm ET, Subtropical Storm Beryl has formed, and it’s information and track are below:

  • Current winds: 45 mph
  • Current location: 32.5N 74.8W
  • Movement: North at 9 mph
  • Minimum central pressure: 1001 millibars
  • Watches/Warnings: Tropical Storm Warning from the Volusia/Brevard county line in FL to Edisto Beach, SC; Tropical Storm Watch from Edisto Beach, SC to South Santee River, SC
Beryl is expected to become tropical overnight tonight or sometime tomorrow, but the impacts will not change with the upcoming change in core temperature. A turn to the west-southwest will occur tomorrow and  it will begin moving toward the southeastern United States. It will make landfall as a moderate tropical storm between southern Georgia and northern Florida with impacts spreading away from the landfall point. Impacts are listed below.


  • Heavy rain for coastal South Carolina, Southern Georgia, and northern Florida
  • Rip currents are possible along the Florida east coast and the southern Georgia coastline; Getting in the Water is NOT advised
  • Gusty winds are likely from Savannah to the Space Coast throughout the holiday weekend along the coastline and at sea; tropical storm warnings mean that winds of 40 mph or greater are expected within 36 hours; tropical storm watches mean that winds of 40 mph or greater are possible within 48 hours
  • Boating is NOT advised until at least Tuesday; Seas could reach 6-9 feet near the center of STS Beryl
If you do not already have basic supplies together in case power goes out, do so now.


The only years that had the second tropical storm of the season BEFORE hurricane season were 1887 and 1908!


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