Arlene close to landfall

Arlene is very close to landfall after a tumultuous day. The nightly recon sent back some funky data, which really didn’t clear much of anything up.  At the end of the flight, it looked like Arlene had gotten rather disorganized, but recent microwave imagery showed a better organized system.  She continues to wrap up, although she is very close to landfall. Location is 21.7N 97.2W with winds of 65mph. Movement looks to be about WNW (305 degrees) at 11 mph. Landfall looks to be south of Tampico Alto between 4 and 6 am CT, but may be sooner if the forward speed increased further. All of that information is from my own estimate using satellite. Interesting observation out of Tampico at 12:45a CT, with north winds.  I would expect at least some easterly component in there. Maybe farther north?  I don’t think so, but with observations very scarce in that area it is hard to tell.

If I am still awake I will post again when the first named storm makes landfall.  Good night!


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